Building Surveying Services

Building Surveyors are best placed to service your property management needs. We have a detailed understanding of:

  • Landlord's and Tenant's Obligations
  • Dilapidations Expert
  • Occupiers, Statutory Liabilities
  • Disabled Access Requirements
  • Asbestos Management Duties
  • Fire Precautions
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Building Standards and Construction Technology
  • Licences for Alteration
  • Expert Opinion on Commercial Property Disputes and Construction Disputes
  • Obtain Statutory Consents for Alteration, Fit Out and Refurbishment Work
  • Building Standard Regulations
  • Construction Technologies Specification of Workmanship and Materials
  • Fire Performance and Protection
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Cost Management

Owning property also carries responsibility and we can assist in protecting and maximising your property investment. Whether you are an occupier or investor, we offer space planning and design, project management, contract administration, cost management, planning supervision and DDA audits.

Our project work currently includes repair and maintenance, alteration, refurbishment and development appraisals. Our professional services also include development monitoring, pre-purchase surveys, pre-lease surveys, preparation and negotiation of schedules of dilapidation, schedules of condition, defect diagnosis and expert witness advice as well as arbitration appointments.

As an independent company of building surveyors we can offer unbiased advice and prospective deals can be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

Good Asset Management for Owners and Investors

We recognise the desire of many property owners and investors for optimum market rents, long leases, security of tenure, good covenants and minimum void periods. Market forces influence to what extent these desires can be achieved, however the quality of accommodation, attractiveness and commercial value are major factors that dictate what can be achieved.

We can assist in good asset management to protect these interests by developing and implementing good estate management, undertaking property condition appraisals and effective policing of an estate to ensure good property management and compliance by tenants with their lease obligations.

All too often, the focus of attention is on the class of tenant, level of rent and lease terms with the building fabric and condition and suitability of the property very much in the background. However, it is often the condition and suitability that help achieve the class of tenant, level of rent and lease terms that are desired.

Conversely, poor condition and poor suitability commonly prove to be an obstacle in achieving the lease terms required to maximise investment. We can give the advice needed to optimise and facilitate property deals in conjunction with the Property agent to protect your property interests and to maximise your investment. As independent chartered building surveyors, we are well placed to offer unbiased advice and to maintain confidentiality.

Occupation Under Lease

If you occupy property under lease, you should be aware of the liabilities you can sign up to through the often stringent requirements of lease obligations. Many people simply sign leases without much thought, some rely heavily on their solicitor, but those in the know also appreciate the additional advice of a good building surveyor.

Avoid Liabilities

A building survey before signing up to a lease can avoid loss of expense at a later date and allow the deal to be tailored to what is appropriate in each case. If you are already under lease, it is not too early to budget for your potential dilapidations liabilities that all commercial landlords will pursue at lease expiry.

Expert Advice on Dilapidations

If facing a dilapidations claim, expert advice on liability and strategy is crucial if you are to minimise or even avoid liability. During the lease, our project services can assist in space planning and design, fitting out works, alterations and refurbishment, obtaining statutory approvals, landlords consent and repair and maintenance.

As an owner-occupier or lease-holder

Whether you own and occupy your property or occupy under lease, awareness of your duties and responsibilities on property matters as an employer cannot be overlooked.

We Can Undertake:
  • Building audits to identify requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Assist with identifying your responsibilities in dealing with asbestos
  • Identify and implement planned maintenance
  • Provide feasibility appraisals
  • Project services for development proposals, or alterations and refurbishment
Such Services Include:
  • Space planning and design
  • Fitting-out works
  • Alterations
  • Obtaining statutory approvals
  • Repair and maintenance

The Solicitors Eyes On Site

Surveyors have been referred to as 'the solicitors eyes on site'. In a sense, this analogy reflects the relationship whereby solicitors deal with points of principle i.e. the law, but one requires to apply those principles to the facts as they are found on site, be it the standard of construction, state of repair or condition or otherwise if an interpretation as to liability is to be established.

A good surveyor not only establishes the facts, but offers advice to avoid potential liability in changing circumstances, i.e.:

  • When signing up to a lease
  • Buying property
  • Defending or pursuing a claim for dilapidations
  • Poor workmanship
  • Poor design or other breach of contract
  • Breach of statute

Equally, good liaison between surveyor and solicitor is important to ensure all the angles are covered when offering advice or presenting a case on behalf of a client. We recognise the needs of our clients in property transactions and under property law and how best to serve their interests. It is very much our view that commercial property matters.