Good Asset Management for Owners and Investors

We recognise the desire of many property owners and investors for optimum market rents, long leases, security of tenure, good covenants and minimum void periods. Market forces influence to what extent these desires can be achieved, however the quality of accommodation, attractiveness and commercial value are major factors that dictate what can be achieved.

We can assist in good asset management to protect these interests by developing and implementing good estate management, undertaking property condition appraisals and effective policing of an estate to ensure good property management and compliance by tenants with their lease obligations.

Protecting Your Investment

All too often, the focus of attention is on the class of tenant, level of rent and lease terms with the building fabric and condition and suitability of the property very much in the background. However, it is often the condition and suitability that help achieve the class of tenant, level of rent and lease terms that are desired.

Conversely, poor condition and poor suitability commonly prove to be an obstacle in achieving the lease terms required to maximise investment. We can give the advice needed to optimise and facilitate property deals in conjunction with the Property agent to protect your property interests and to maximise your investment. As independent chartered building surveyors, we are well placed to offer unbiased advice and to maintain confidentiality.