The Solicitors Eyes On Site

Surveyors have been referred to as ‘the solicitors eyes on site’. In a sense, this analogy reflects the relationship whereby solicitors deal with points of principle i.e. the law, but one requires to apply those principles to the facts as they are found on site, be it the standard of construction, state of repair or condition or otherwise if an interpretation as to liability is to be established.

Invaluable Advice

A good surveyor not only establishes the facts, but offers advice to avoid potential liability in changing circumstances, i.e.:

  • When signing up to a lease
  • Buying property
  • Defending or pursuing a claim for dilapidations
  • Poor workmanship
  • Poor design or other breach of contract
  • Breach of statute

Equally, good liaison between surveyor and solicitor is important to ensure all the angles are covered when offering advice or presenting a case on behalf of a client. We recognise the needs of our clients in property transactions and under property law and how best to serve their interests. It is very much our view that commercial property matters.